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The Salt Box Australian Sodium Bentonite Clay 400g Jar

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The Salt Box is proud to offer a quality range of sodium bentonite throughout Australia, perfect for health and wellness applications. Our premium food-grade bentonite clay is some of the finest in the world, carefully selected for its purity and performance. This means it lends itself beautifully to a range of wellness, detox and body care uses.

The smooth and creamy texture of our bentonite clay means it easily mixes with water. This allows you to turn it into a bentonite clay mask that easily glides over the skin. Bentonite clay masks are suitable even for sensitive skin, helping to create a healthy glow.

By shopping for sodium bentonite at The Shop Box, you can be sure it is:

Safe to ingest
Compliant with Australian & New Zealand food standards (FSANZ)
Naturally sun dried
Natural clay powder only with no additives
Unprocessed and dry milled only
Genuine product of Australia.