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Probioform Raw & Natural Microbes Wholefood Probiotic 133 Serves

Probioform is a living liquid probiotic supplement that is equally beneficial for every member of the family, from an infant to the oldest family members. Probioform is the result of 30 years of Japanese research, and it is produced by using the fermentation process rather than a freeze-drying method. Probioform stabilizes the growth of helpful bacteria.

You can consider Probioform a complete bacterial ecosystem that exists in its natural state and gently affects the stomach. The natural acidic nature of Probioform provides a low pH environment (3.7) that is best for the growth and survival of microbes. Plus, the natural fermentation process gives Probioform so much stability, it needs no refrigeration storage.

Please note: There may be a 2 week wait on delivery and/or pick-up on this item.