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Organic Road Rolled Oats 1kg

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Organic Road Certified Organic Traditional Rolled Oats are
dehusked organic oat groats that have been steamed and rolled into
flakes. This process ensures the healthy oils in the oats are stabilised,
so the oats stay fresh for longer.

A nutritious wholegrain classic, our rolled oats are a natural grain
sourced from growers who have declared their crops to be free of
genetically modified organisms. A source of protein and a good
source of fibre, oats may help boost your energy levels too.

One of the best and delicious ways to include oats in your diet is to
make porridge for breakfast! Oats are high in fibre so they fill you up
and help you avoid snacking before lunch! Apart from porridge, you
can add oats to muffins, biscuits and slices. Use it to make muesli, add
it to smoothies and pancakes too!!

No artificial anything added just 100% organic wholegrain oats!

Source of Origin: 100% Australian. Organic.