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Natural Road Toasted Museli 400g

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Natural Road Vegan Macadamia Toasted Muesli with prebiotics
is a premium blend, natural muesli made with only the finest
ingredients. A delicious medley of organic rolled oats, sunflower
kernels, insecticide-free almonds, sesame seeds, organic
flaxseeds and gut-healthy prebiotics from chicory root; all lightly
roasted in organic coconut syrup and blended with macadamia
nuts and sulphite-free organic juicy sultanas.

No artificial anything added, just pure natural ingredients!

Ingredients: Organic rolled oats, sunflower
kernels, organic coconut syrup, organic
sulphite-free sultanas, sesame seeds, sprayfree almonds, organic coconut oil, macadamia
nuts, organic flaxseed and inulin (prebiotic)
150mg per 100g.

Contains at least 72% Australian ingredients.