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Moogoo Gentle Baby Shampoo 250ml

Baby skin is more easily irritated than adult skin and babies are far louder when shampoo gets in their eyes. Our natural shampoo is designed to be very gentle on the delicate scalp and skin of babies and young children as well as leaving hair silky soft. We use the most gentle natural cleansers and steer clear of synthetic preservatives. It?s also more gentle if accidentally washed into eyes. We aren?t promising it will always be easy, but we?ve done our best to help you.

A natural shampoo that is gentle on delicate baby skin and scalps
Suitable for all ages (including newborns) and skin types (including sensitive skin)
Can be used on dry scalps and children sensitive to harsh detergents
Made with a combination 4 natural cleansers to make it more gentle
Free from harsh detergents (SLS) that can sting if washed into eyes. Tear-free formula.
Piroctone Olamine helps maintain and control the microflora of the scalp