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Atp Science Licorice Tea

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A refreshing ?instantized? tea made from highly respected plants to nourish your body, such as; Licorice root and Reishi mushrooms. Rosella flowers and cinnamon bark are revered in Asia for their healing qualities and warmth.

Protecting, nurturing, and comforting tea that you can enjoy hot or cold.

Licorice root (refer to Nutrition tab for amounts)
Reishi mushroom
Rosella flower
Cinnamon bark

Instant tea?
There are some major benefits to instantized tea (being powder not leaves).

We can achieve consistency in the components.

We can understand the natural levels of the substances contained in the plant material so we can get a consistent experience and know-how concentrated other compounds that you don?t want in excess so you can have an enjoyable yet predictable experience.