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A Bit Hippy Naural Cream Deodorant Women 60ml

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Set your armpits free and convert to a natural, vegan and aluminium free deodorant!

Antiperspirants work via aluminium compounds which enter the sweat ducts and plug them closed to block perspiration. This means you end up with little aluminium plugs all throughout your underarm pores and very close to breast tissue. Sweat itself is odourless (believe it or not), so if you're noticing any BO, it's actually the result of a bacterial party in the armpits (imagine bacteria feasting on your sweat, and the by-product of their meal being BO...eww!). Our formula allows for normal perspiration, but combines Magnesium and an effective Essential Oil blend to control bacteria. No need to block your bodys natural processes, when you can actually work on the root of the problem.

We highly recommend jumping onto Google Scholar and checking out the research behind using aluminium antiperspirants (you'll be an instant convert once you look at a few!).